Hey there, welcome to my blog, I guess you’re wondering what this blog is all about, and NO it’s not another boring blog, it’s actually proudly Nigerian…basically about things that has happened and is happening around me. Random musing you might say. I was born in the 80’s Iknowright. And this brings me to my above header. When I was a child the power went out a lot and when it came back on, we would yell out the famous words “UP NEPA’’ and do a little dance. Azonto .. lol.. As the years went by we grew older and got used to the frequent power outages’, generations after me still did the dance and yelled out the famous words each time power was restored. Present day Nigeria 2012 almost three decades of yelling out those words, and still no change. The only thing that changed however is the name of the power company from n.e.p.a to p.h.c.n. This though hasn’t changed what kids yell out. I guess shouting out UP P.H.C.N is a bit tacky. I recently saw a graffiti on a tee shirt made by a Nigerian designer, and it said “UP NEPA” on it beautifully designed, hell it has became a brand 😮 .

 Now am sitting here musing thinking, would my kids and your kids be up nepa children? My nephew was born just last year 2011, and the way things are going his defiantly going to be an up nepa kid.

Funny thing though, people always ask “They don take light” or “They don bring light” meaning is the power on or off, (just in case your too tuch to understand that) …moving on, now am wondering who this reefer’s too, is it the power holding company?  Government? Or the Generator cabals? They seem to be sitting tight and mighty pretty on this power issue. We need to stand up and fight not literally lol..(Subtle violence) intellectual war fair, constant power is our right. My kids and your kids need not ne up nepa children yelling out the words and doing the chicken dance. We need to take a stand now…it ‘have’ do. ‘’THEY’’ had better get their act right this time or GEJ will be hearing from me.. WHO’S WITH ME?